1. These General Conditions will be applicable to all Orders and / or Offers accepted by the Customer and will automatically become a Contract between the parties, beginning to govern from the moment of the Offer acceptance and / or Order request. That is, the fact of accepting a Quote and/or requesting an Order implies the prior knowledge and the Customer’s express and unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale and Warranty, which will govern in all its terms, unless otherwise indicated. expressly included either in the Order or in the Contract that is subsequently signed between the parties, in which case they will govern as a priority. Verbal agreements or statements will not be effective unless they are confirmed in writing by DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L.

2.AVISOR is the registered trademark of DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L. with VAT n.: B-65341216. duly registered in the mercantile registry of Barcelona, with Address at c / Oest 18-B, Pol.Ind.Buvisa, 08329 Teià (Barcelona).

3. OFFERS: Offers issued by DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L. are valid for one month from the date indicated, unless otherwise agreed. Offers will always be Freight Paid (DDP according to Incoterms 2000), unless otherwise indicated.

4. ORDERS: Customer must record the Order in writing, not being considered by us as confirmed until receipt of the document confirming it. Verbal or telephone orders from Customers will not be accepted. If, for reasons of urgency, they are processed, they must be ratified by the Customer, in writing, within 24 hours of their verbal or telephone request, with the understanding that, without said confirmation, the Order from which it is try will not be attended.

5. PRICES: The Prices indicated in the Budgets include the supply and normal shipping packaging of specified products, as well as transportation costs. Prices, unless expressly stated otherwise, are without VAT included.

6. DELIVERY AND DELIVERY TIME: Delivery times will be agreed individually in each Budget, and will depend on the availability of material. Once the Client’s order has been received, DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L. will issue an order confirmation with the confirmed delivery time. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery time will be understood in the customer’s factory warehouse, there being no responsibility for loss or delay due to transportation or any other circumstance.


7.1. In no case will DEPIMEX accept returns of materials without prior agreement with the Buyer. A period of 15 days is established from when the Supply has been received, for the Buyer to notify DEPIMEX of his intention to make a return and the justification for it, and agree with DEPIMEX, where appropriate, the conditions and the return procedure.

7.2. If it is a custom-made, personalized product, that is, whose reference does not appear in our standard product catalog, and when the return is for reasons not attributable to DEPIMEX, the merchandise cannot be returned.

8. WARRANTY: The products supplied by DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L. They have a 1 YEAR guarantee from the date of dispatch from our warehouse and against all manufacturing defects. This guarantee includes the pure and simple replacement of the parts recognized as defective, without compensation of any kind and being carried out compulsorily in our authorized manufacturing center. The costs of return and re-dispatch of defective items will be borne by DEPIMEX, or as agreed between the parties. This guarantee does not apply in the case of deterioration or accidents caused by negligence of manipulation of the articles by the user or by the use of the devices in conditions or applications other than those that were manufactured.

9. CONFIDENTIALITY: In compliance with the Data Protection Law, all information transferred by the Client will be treated confidentially and its use will not be used for any purpose other than the object of this offer, nor will it be transferred to third parties, except in those cases in which it is necessary to carry out the project. This offer has been prepared at the request of the client and with the information provided by the latter, DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L. , its lack of veracity or if it comes from third parties of their non-authorization. In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Data Protection, the client agrees that their data is used, processed and collected in a file whose responsible is DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L. In any case, the client may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition to the treatment and cancellation of the data provided. The client from the request of this offer agrees not to disclose this without the prior consent of DEPIMEX IBERIA, S.L.