The range of power ferrites, both in terms of forms and materials, is as extensive as the variety of applications for which they can be used. This is even more so if we consider the constant increase in the use of electronics in all existing areas of technology.

Avisor offers various core geometries, including EE, EI, EF, UU, ETD, EER, EP, POT, RM, etc. 

Our engineers have extensive experience in power supply design and can help customers to select the optimum transformer configuration.

We offer Ferrite core transformers for both THT and SMD assembly.


  • Wide range of cores and coils
  • Power ratings of up to 900 w, switching frequencies of up to 150 KHz.
  • High efficiency designs with low losses from the core.
  • Standard or custom design.
  • Horizontal / Vertical assembly option.
  • ROHS Directive-compliant.

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