Toroidal Transformers

Our toroidal transformers come in a range of power ratings from 3VA to 3.000 VA.

They are used in compact power supplies that require reduced dimensions, especially a low height, with few losses and a low level of radiation.

They have a primary at 230V and two equal and independent secondaries for connection, serial or parallel divided into two series:

  • Serie TD: for mechanical fastening with disc, screw and central nut.
  • Serie TE: with threaded insert and central resin for fastening using a single screw.
  • Serie TT: Encapsulated toroidal transformer.

Our toroidal transformers comply 100% with the RoHS directive and are manufactured according to the EN 61558 safety standard.


  • Silicon sheet annular magnetic core with high permeability heat treatment and losses of less than 1 W/kg.
  • Thermal class H (180°C) enamelled wire coils.
  • Low weight and dimensions, with up to 50% improvement compared to other types of construction.
  • Very low load losses and magnetising current.
  • High performance and low copper losses on loading, which leads to less overheating.
  • Excellent vacuum/load regulation.
  • Low noise level and very low magnetic radiation.
  • Colour-coded output wires 20 cm long up to 120 VA and 25 cm from 160 VA.

Technical characteristics

  • Dielectric strength of over 3000V-1mn between primary and secondaries.
  • Creepage distances and distances through insulation according to EN 61558 standard.
  • Designed for ambient temperature of 40°C T40/E.
  • Primary for 230 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz.
  • Secondary voltage tolerance  ± 5%.