Our wide range of standard toroidal transformer, with a step in powers and sizes from 20 VA to 3000 VA

They are used in compact power supplies that require reduced dimensions, especially a low height, with few losses and a low level of radiation.

They have a primary at 230V and two equal and independent secondaries for connection, serial or parallel divided into two series:

                – TD Series: for mechanical fastening with disc, screw and central nut.

                – TE Series: with threaded insert and central resin for fastening using a single screw.

                – TT Series: Encapsulated toroidal transformer.


Construction characteristics:

  • Annular magnetic core of steel-silicium lamination with thermal process, high permeability and low loss under 1W/Kg.
  • Copper wire windings in thermal range H 180 ºC.
  • Short weights and sizes respecting other types; until 50% improvement can be obtained.
  • Very low no load losses and magnetization current.
  • High efficiency and low copper losses. The result is a smaller overheating.
  • Excellent regulation no load/load.
  • Low noise level and magnetic dispersion.
  • Length of connection wires: from 20VA to 120VA, 20 cm over 120VA, 25 cm and colour coding of coil ends.
  • If a protection fuse is used in primary, it would be advisable to employ the delay action type to absorb the high inrush current of this kind of transformers.

Technical characteristics (series TD and TE)

  • Dielectric strength of over 3000V-1mn between primary and secondaries.
  • Creepage distances and distances through insulation according to EN 61558 standard.
  • Designed for ambient temperature of 40°C T40/E.
  • Primary 230V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz.
  • Secondary voltage tolerance ± 5%.

We make customized designs according to Customer requirement ( several output voltages – terminal connectors – earth tag connection – shielding – special dimensions ( outter diameter – maximum height ) – encapsulated with epoxy resin – etc.